FAQ's - Gutter Cleaning

How high can you clean ?

Our World leading Vacuum system allows the operator to connect carbon fibre poles together to reach up to a massive 12 metres height from the ground. 

Do I need to be home ?

No. Our units have their own on-board power and do not require any external power source. We just ask that you provide us with access ( padlock combination / gate pin code and room to work ) as well as lock up your dogs if applicable.

How do i know you have cleaned when i can't see inside the gutter ?


Over time gutters build up leaves, seeds and all sorts of other random debris. Our powerful vacuum will remove all of these contaminants so you gutter is able to function properly. Upon prior request, we can take a photo of your gutter before we start and after we have finished and either show you onsite or email these to you upon completion.

How clean will my gutters end up ?

This is a question i get asked a lot. Our vacuum system will remove the debris like decomposing leaves, live plants , sticks, insects, dead birds, plastic and other foreign matter from your gutters so that water can flow correctly through to your down pipes. We do not scrub or polish the inside of the gutter so some minor sediment or baked on dirt may remain in the gutter after the clean. This should be flushed away by water over time once your gutter is cleared out and water is flowing correctly. 

This is an interior clean of your gutters. We donot clean or wash the outside of the gutter unless you are after a softwash service which should be specifically requested and quoted.


How much do you charge ?

Time  is money both for you and for us. Our high tech specialised machinery allows us to complete the job as efficiently as possible without compromising on quality of service. 

Prior to starting any job we will come to the site and complete a site survey to make sure we can complete the job in a safe manner. We are effectively looking for hazards like steep slippery slopes, power lines, animals, fences etc as well as ensuring that we can safely move our machinery around on site.

Our domestic gutter clean charges are based on the individual gutter lengths per each floor as well as the type of gutters and access. We will need to know this information in order to quote - we will do a laser measure on site survey to prepare our quote.

Commercial gutter cleans are far more complex to quote. We will arrange a time to come and see you to fully understand the requirements of the clean.

How often should i clean out my gutters ? 

Gutters perform an important function to the watertight integrity of your house which for most people is their most valuable asset. 

We believe it is best to have gutters vacuumed out at least every 12 months to avoid potential for costly water related damage problems and peace of mind when those big rain events hit.

However some environments we have seen require the owner to clean their gutters at least every 4 months. The worst culprit is nearby deciduous trees like oak trees along with lots of shade.

Can you do urgent call outs ?


Yes we can certainly try and accommodate urgent call outs although there will be an urgent call out fee subject to location and the extent of the job.

Do you remove all of the gutter debris off site?

Yes we will remove all of the vacuumed material from your gutter and dispose off site.


Can you clean if gutter guard or similar gutter blockers are in place ?

Gutter guards will prevent the vacuum tool from accessing the gutter. We can quote on removing this before before we clean. This may involve an elevated work platform subject to your site and the gutter height. 

In our opinion, gutter guards are totally over rated. Native trees line Pohutukawa and Northern Rata drop needles as do Pine trees. These pierce the mesh causing blockages on top of the guards.

Seeds from all sorts of plants can also fall through the mesh and germinate causing blockages. Debris then jams behind the growing plant causing even worse problems.


We can supply photos of what lurks underneath gutter guard if you are interested in a quotation from skyHIGH..

How do you work around power lines ?

Many houses and commercial buildings still have power running from the power pole to the side of the house below the gutters. There are strict rules under New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice  ( NZECP 34:2001 ) regarding how close we can legally work next to power lines as there is significant risk of the electricity arcing to our cleaning equipment. 


We will cone off 4 m each side of the overhead power lines and go no closer than that during the cleaning process unless you organise for the power to be temporarily turned off to your house or commercial building whilst we are at work.

Please contact your Power Lines company should you wish this to be actioned. Refer to https://www.ena.org.nz/lines-company-map/ for more information. Normally there is no charge from the Power Lines for this however please note the time frame required to organise in advance.

We will need to meet the Power Lines Company representative on site as your power is disconnected prior to starting any clean where this has been arranged.


Please refer to our Terms and Conditions Section 5 regarding your responsibilities and potential costs that may be applicable in relation to Health and Safety and power disconnection non compliance.




Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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