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Skyhigh Roof and Gutter Cleaning

skyHIGH Roof and Gutter Cleaning operate a specialist high reach gutter cleaning and a chemical soft wash roof and exterior cleaning service. We have based our operation at Clevedon, South East Auckland. From this location, we can provide a service as far North as the Auckland Harbour Bridge as well as covering the Northern Waikato and Coromandel.​

We provide both a commercial and residential gutter cleaning service to a 12-metre height using the most powerful, fully portable, self-contained vacuum system in the world.

The best thing is you do not need to be on-site to provide us with any power. All we need is clear access to minimum of 1-metre width around the building with any dogs locked up and we are underway. Thereafter the vacuum system will draw at 8000 litres of airflow per minute to clear your gutters of debris.

Whilst we may use some water from your hose to wet down the gutter contents for easier removal, we do not use water for flushing or gutter washing. Please refer to the video demonstration for more details on the vacuum process.

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  • Most advanced, portable and fully power independent gutter cleaning system in the world.
  • We clear the interior of gutters up to 12 metres high at 8000 litres/ minute of airflow and 155 inches of water lift providing huge suction power.
  • No mobile scissor lift trucks or expensive scaffolding is used in the cleaning process.
  • Laser measurement of lineal lengths of each gutter for an accurate quotation and/or charging if requested.
  • Bluetooth camera for close up inspection of troublesome areas to identify what may be causing the problem eg kids' shoes, bird nests, plants, balls etc.
  • Our operator will either email you or message you with any problems that may be identified during the cleaning process.
  • All debris is removed from the site after cleaning.
  • Public Liability insurance.
  • 100 % satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Member of SiteSafe New Zealand.

why choose skyHIGH

skyHIGH Roof and Gutter Cleaning uses the best equipment available to provide our service.

​We can inspect gutters with our blue tooth camera system to establish where blockages are and what may be causing them ( eg kids' shoes, balls, bird nests etc ). This allows us to specifically target a known troublesome area for cleaning.

We can also do the cleaning job without the owner having to be on-site given we have our own power supply and are fully self-reliant.

We guarantee our work. Let us know if you are not happy in anyway and we will fix it !

Our customers our service

We are not usually ones to blow our own trumpets, but we are clearly doing something right. Check out the positive reviews we are receiving on Google Reviews below. Our feedback has also been great on No Cowboys. See reviews here.

Oriel Kelly
Oriel Kelly
Efficient, effective and very professional!
M and K Western
M and K Western
We used Dave to do our gutter cleaning, and he lived up to the excellent reviews that we had found online. Clear and timely communication, punctual, and very efficient. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Dave for a great job.
Sue Matthews
Sue Matthews
Great service by Dave, he was very imformative, very helpful and professional. The vacuum system is definitely the method to use, no water required and no mess. Thanks Dave for going the extra mile. Will definitely recommend. Sue Matthews
Jonnie Newcomb
Jonnie Newcomb
Goodman Mad (Goodman)
Goodman Mad (Goodman)
Professional performance. without standing on roof, it can clean the gutter from ground. Thank you Dave for cleaning the valley and suggestions for free. Recommend Skyhigh to all
Brenden Maher
Brenden Maher
What I liked about Skyhigh was how the system worked. Rather than flushing things down the drainpipes into my water tanks, it was all vacuumed up. Managed to get some amazing things out of the gutters. Dave was really responsive and kept me up to date with progress.
S Hooson
S Hooson
Highly recommend Dave from Skyhigh Roof and Gutter Cleaning. Outstanding service, excellent communicator and Dave went above and beyond to clear the guttering from our 2 storey property. While Dave was here he also identified and fixed a problem with one of the gutter guards that was not functioning properly. We would not hesitate to contact Dave next time the gutters need cleaning.
Mark Payne
Mark Payne
Great service and good communication. Nice and clear gutters now. Will definitely be using these services again.
Petrus Lau
Petrus Lau
Puven Vadiveloo
Puven Vadiveloo
Dave did an excellent job cleaning our roof gutter, and he arrived on time as promised. I won't hesitate to call him again.
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