protect your largest asset FROM WATER DAMAGE


It doesn’t take much to block a gutter – just a few rotting leaves is enough – and the consequences are often terrible. 

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A small investment in your largest asset is all that you need.

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residential WORK

Gutters are designed to channel water away from your house. They are critical to assisting with preventing toxic mould, dampness, vermin infestation, bird nesting and damage to exterior wall coverings.

Well maintained gutters will also help protect the foundation of your house, prevent possible erosion, and reduce the potential for costly interior flooding. 

Subject to your nearby environment like overhanging trees for example, your gutters should be cleaned out at least every nine months or so. Blocked gutters can lead to very expensive remedial work apart from the full replacement of collapsed gutters that have been over stressed with too much weight. ( Note we clean around the head of downpipes but our tools are not designed to vacuum down a downpipe. Any blockages in a downpipe may need to be flushed out - this may mean using a specialist drain unblocker or plumber )

We don't need to lean ladders against your gutters potentially breaking brackets nor do we force debris down your downpipes possibly causing blockages.

We can help reduce the risk and likelihood of damage  - call or email skyHIGH Roof and Gutter Cleaning through the website form link button below for a quote. 

( Please note that gutters need to be clear of gutter guard, gutter whiskers and gutter foam prior to the clean. We can quote to clear these items out in some instances - please check with us on this subject.

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commercial WORK

Commercial buildings are normally a significantly larger and more complex job than a domestic gutter clean. In many cases, like schools for example, there are multiple buildings and many access issues to consider before quoting. In addition, the gutters can also be far larger and more demanding to properly clean.


In order to fully understand the requirements of a commercial gutter clean, we will organise a convenient time to visit so that we may prepare an accurate quotation in advance. 

( Note we clean around the head of downpipes but our tools are not designed to vacuum down a downpipe. Any blockages in a downpipe may need to be flushed out - this may mean using a specialist drain unblocker or plumber )


  • Most advanced, portable and fully power independent gutter cleaning system in the world.

  • We clear the interior of gutters up to 12 metres high at 8000 litres/ minute of airflow and 155 inches of water lift providing huge suction power.

  • No mobile scissor lift trucks or expensive scaffolding used in the cleaning process.

  • Laser measurement of lineal lengths of each gutter for accurate quotation and / or charging if requested.

  • Bluetooth camera for close up inspection of troublesome areas to identify what may be causing the problem eg kids shoes, bird nests, plants, balls etc.

  • Our operator will either email you or message you with any problems that may be identified during the cleaning process.

  • All debris is removed from site after cleaning.

  • Public Liability insurance.

  • 100 % satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Member of SiteSafe New Zealand.


All business conducted is subject to our

Standard Terms and Conditions​



about US

skyHIGH Roof and Gutter Cleaning operate a specialist high reach gutter cleaning service. We have based our operation at Clevedon, South East Auckland. From this location we can provide a service as far North as the Auckland Harbour Bridge as well as cover the Northern Waikato and Coromandel.

We provide both a commercial and residential interior gutter cleaning service to a 12 metre height using the most powerful, fully portable, self contained vacuum system in the world. 


The best thing is you do not need to be on site to provide us with any power. All we need is clear access to minimum 1 metre width around the building with any dogs locked up and we are underway. Thereafter the vacuum system will draw at 8000 litres of airflow per minute to clear your gutters of debris.


Whilst we may use some water from your hose to wet down the gutter contents for easier removal, we do not use water for flushing or gutter washing. Please refer to the video demonstration for more details on the vacuum process.

why choose skyHIGH

skyHIGH Roof and Gutter Cleaning use the best equipment available to provide our service. 

We can also inspect known troublesome areas in your gutters with our bluetooth camera to establish what the problem may be eg kids balls, bird nests, plants etc so we can specifically target an area as needed.


We can also do the cleaning job without the owner having to be on site given we have our own power supply and we are accurate with our charging using our laser measuring equipment.



We guarantee our work. Let us know if you are not happy in anyway and we will fix it !


Looking at having your guttering cleaned? We don't use ladders for the cleaning process with our state of the art high reach vacuuming system. A small investment in your largest asset can make all the difference.